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Welcome to No.9 Dog Emporium

No.9 Dog Emporium


Welcome to No.9

When the time came to finally open my dog groomers, my thoughts immediately went to how did I want the shop to 'look' and 'feel', and that it was never going to be a bog standard grooming salon. That's just not me, besides there are plenty of those already, I wanted No.9 to be different and unique, somewhere that is safe, comfortable and relaxing for the dogs and for me, that goes without saying, but I also wanted to open a groomers that was quirky and fun. 

Just as a haircut is for us humans, attention to detail is vital, so at No.9, not only will your dog have a great time and come out feeling fab and smelling divine, you will also enjoy the little unique touches in the shop like good music, vintage curio and somewhere nice for you to sit. 

Whilst I want No.9 to be one of a kind in the dog grooming world, the most important thing is of course, that your dog always is in safe hands, gets a good quality haircut, and that you receive good customer service whether your dog has a quick freshen up bath and brush out or comes for a full pamper session.  


No.9 offers a range of grooming services to meet yours and your dogs grooming needs.  

Take a look around our site, have a look at the services we offer and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Visiting No.9


A unique environment and the warmest of welcomes.

On your arrival at No.9 we will have a consultation about what you would like from the groom, including the style and method of groom. We will also conduct a quick coat and health check so that we can check for any coat matting, skin conditions or lumps and bumps that your dog may have and decide whether we need to use any specialist products. 

New customers will be asked to complete a short form to confirm your contact details, together with any health issues or specific needs that your dog may have.

As well as having professional qualifications in Dog Grooming, I also have an Animal First Aid Certificate so you can be assured that your dog is in safe hands. In addition the salon and the staff are fully insured.  

No.9 will provide the very best of care for your dog to make the grooming process as stress free as possible.

If you would rather that we didn’t feed treats to your dog please mention it or feel free to bring your own.

No.9 Values


Experience you can trust at No.9

My knowledge and experience allows No.9 to provide your dog with impeccable care and services from the minute you enter until the minute you leave. 

We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to purpose build the shop and designed the perfect experience for your dog.

No.9 is based on a few simple concepts:


You will  always know exactly what service or services that your dog is receiving whilst at No.9. We will answer all your queries with clear and straightforward answers and address any concerns that you may have as best as we can. You are also welcome to call in and take a look around the shop any time.


I’m not only a lover of my own dogs, I just love all dogs, I always have, whether they be big ones, small ones or inbetweener ones. I am also incredibly passionate about dog grooming and I’m also very good at it. I always put myself in your shoes and ask what I would want if I were the client. I sincerely believe that the answer is open and honest communication and of course, loads of love, and care for every dog  that comes through our doors.

Getting every detail right 

We understand that every dog and their owner is unique. Because of this we provide tailored care and services to meet those unique needs. We will make sure that we get all of your details right, so that all special instructions are taken care of just the way you want.